10 Oct

Yard and Garden Power Tools

Garden Power Tools
What Is A Gas Hedge Trimmer?

For people looking for a tool to help with DIY projects and to get their yard looking beautiful this spring, a gas hedge trimmer is the perfect power tool.

Hedge trimmers are powerful and easy to use. There are all kinds of models, so it’s easy to find the gas trimmer best suited to specific needs. These tools are available at most retailers and give do-it-yourself gurus the professional power they need to get a project done right.

How A Gas Hedge Trimmer Stacks Up Against Other Trimmers

Gas trimmers and electric trimmers are the two most common types of hedge trimmers on the market today. An electric trimmer can be either electric or battery powered. A gas trimmer is, of course, powered by gasoline.

Gas hedge trimmers are very powerful tools that can easily cut through overgrown twigs and branches. One of the benefits of a gas trimmer is that it does not have a cord. This means the user has much more mobility and doesn’t have to drag a cord behind him as he works.

What A Gas Hedge Trimmer Can Do

Hedge trimmers are the ideal tools for people who are looking for something to help them tame overgrown shrubs and bushes. These trimmers are built to quickly and powerfully cut through branches. Depending on the specific gas trimmer model, it can cut through different widths of wood and will operate at different speeds.

Because it is easy to use and so affordable, a gas hedge trimmer is the perfect choice for someone who does weekend projects and likes to keep his or her yard and garden in tip-top shape.

What To Look For In A Gas Hedge Trimmer

Before purchasing a gas hedge trimmer, buyers should check for the following features to make sure it is the right choice for them.

Safety features
Blade Length
Gas tank size
Engine type

All these factors make a difference in the quality of the trimmer. Of course, depending on specific situations, each user may look for different features in a gas hedge trimmer. In general, a trimmer should be sturdy, have a tough blade and be light enough for the user to easily lift and maneuver.

Hedge trimmers are perfect for anybody looking to re-do their yard or to just keep it in good shape.

Benefits Of An Electric Lawn Mower

With gas prices getting higher and higher, many people are finding that an electric lawn mower is more affordable and does the job just as well as a gas-powered mower. An electric mower is powered by batteries that must be recharged after use. It is quiet, good for the environment and very easy to use.

What Is An Electric Lawn Mower?

Lawn Mower

An electric lawn mower is exactly what it sounds like: a lawn mower powered by electricity rather than gasoline. Most lawn mowers have motors that require gas to run, electric mowers don’t. Because gas prices are constantly going up, electric mowers are becoming an attractive option for many people. Owners of electric mowers save money in the long run when they don’t have to purchase gas on a regular basis to keep the mower running.

With the latest technology, an electric lawn mower has just as much horsepower as a gasoline lawn mower. This means buyers are not sacrificing quality when they opt for an electric mower.

In short, an electric lawn mower is just like a gasoline mower, without the operating expenses.

Benefits Of An Electric Lawn Mower

Some of the benefits that come with an electric lawn mower have already been mentioned, but the list doesn’t stop there. More benefits of electric mowers include:

Lower operating costs
Less air pollution
Easier to use
Powerful engine
Cleaner use and storage
Quiet operation

As mentioned above, no need for gas means fewer operating expenses. Electric lawn mower owners don’t have to continue to pay to keep their mowers running. Because gasoline isn’t used to fuel the engine, electric mowers produce less air pollution and are much less noisy than gas powered mowers.

Sometimes gas-powered lawn mowers can be difficult to start. An electric mower doesn’t have this problem, and starts with the push of a button.

An electric engine, and therefore an mower, is much cleaner than its gasoline counterpart. People who use electric mowers don’t have to worry about spilling gasoline or causing oil stains on their garage floor. Electric mowers don’t use gas or oil at all, and are therefore much cleaner to use and store.

An electric mower is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a simple, clean and effective way to keep his or her lawn looking green and fresh all summer.

A Must Have Cordless Pole Saw

Pruning dead branches well above head height can be a difficult and dangerous task. Making sure you have the right tools for the job is the first step to having a great looking yard. There are many ways to prune trees above head height but one of the easiest ways to do it if the branches aren’t too large is with a pole saw. The Black & Decker LPP120 20-Volt Cordless Pole Saw lets you easily cut branches high above the ground. It can cut branches up to 6-inches in diameter without getting bogged down.

Cordless Pole Saw

The Black & Decker LPP120 comes with a 20-volt Lithium Ion battery that has a long life span. In fact this battery, once fully charged, will let you make up to 150 cuts of 1 ½ inch branches. The battery takes eight hours to charge once flat although the battery is interchangeable with other Black & Decker tools.

The LPP120 pole saw allows you to cut down branches that are up to 14 feet off the ground. That’s an amazing overhead reach. The small motor sits snugly next to the pole so as not to obstruct your view while you’re cutting.

The bar and chain is 8-inches in length and is able to saw through branches up to 6-inches in diameter. Moving the pole saw around shouldn’t be difficult as it only weighs 6.3 pounds.

Log Splitter: How do You Know if You have The One?

When your dad says splitting your logs for home use may need a little help from you, take it from him; splitting logs is such a daunting chore to do, especially when you do not have the best log splitter.

Log Splitter

A log or wood splitter is a tool used for splitting logs. Generally, the log splitter is a significant tool for any construction need, for log flooring, or for making parquet. Apart from that, it can also be applicable for the forestry industry, when they take dead trees out of the park for splitting. These trees are sold either to campers for firewood use or to wood carvers for furniture making or craft making.

The market has a large supply of different kinds of wood or log splitters. And if you are not wise and cautious enough to choose which is the best log splitter, you might just be wasting your time and money for doing so. So how do you figure out which log splitter is perfect for you?

When buying the best log splitter, every buyer should consider factors like the horizontal or vertical operation, cycle time, horsepower (tonnage), and hydraulic versus electric power sources. The vertical wood splitter means that the wood to be split is in an up and down or vertical position, which makes it as a good use for cutting woods in sloped areas. Besides, it provides the splitter better control on how the wood is placed. Horizontal log splitters are basically horizontally loaded. As compared to a standard log splitter, the electric-powered splitter is more competent, because you do not need an axe to split the wood.

For the ton capacity of log splitters, professionals use at least splitters with 20-ton capacity while homeowners may depend on a two to five ton adequate range for personal use. Any buyer should take this factor seriously, because if the engine is not suited for the job, it will burn out fast. The splitter’s tonnage identifies the engine’s horsepower; a larger capacity splitter requires a bigger engine as well.

The best log splitter is the kind that does not require too much pressure or energy from the person. Its sharp blades are assured of a dependable split, but its sharpness can cause danger when not taken cared of properly. So it is advisable to wear protective outfit such as eye goggles, gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Loose clothing is a no-no. You can add up a helmet or a steel-tipped boots, too. Plus, long hair should be pulled back.

If you decide to purchase what you deem as the best log splitter, give regard to the safety conditions. Make it sure that you buy a self-lubricating and self-maintaining wood splitter to keep it in reliable condition without too much work for you.

Log splitters are pricey, which makes it a good investment for homeowners and industries. Besides, if you want to keep your log splitter for a long time, purchasing the best log splitter with a high tag price is worth every penny you spent.